how to for sale by owner in carroll and baltimore county - make sure you have photos


Today’s buyers search for homes online. As a matter of fact, they start searching way before they are ready to buy. Buyers like to get an idea of what is available at different prices. They quickly learn which homes are priced appropriately and which ones are overpriced. When selling your own home in Carroll or Baltimore County, photos can make the difference. As a result of the online searching, exceptional pictures are a must. If buyers doesn’t like your pictures, they will NOT consider your home, they will move on to the next one. Hi-definition pictures are absolutely necessary. Hire a professional photographer if you aren’t able to take pictures yourself. If you’re able to take your own, make sure the angles are ideal, the lighting is right, and your home is shown in the best way possible.  

how to for sale by owner in carroll and baltimore county - use video


Like photos, video is an integral part of a home buyer’s online shopping experience. Homes that offer fantastic hi-definition photos, in addition to a video tour, receive much more interest from buyers. Buyers want to experience what it feels like to walk through your home. Their online experience determines whether or not they will make an appointment to see your Carroll or Baltimore County home for sale. Make sure all of your advertising includes both your pictures and video.


 how to for sale by owner in carroll and baltimore county - disclosures of defects


Maryland is known as a “disclosure state”. This means you have a legal obligation to divulge any and all latent defects, as well as material facts, regarding your home. Failure to do so can easily result in legal action. Be sure to disclose on the proper forms so you are protected.  This is a common mistake Maryland homeowners make when selling their home FSBO.Reduce your chances of being sued by preparing those disclosures.

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