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You need someone in your corner, someone who will work for you, who you can trust and rely on. A buyer’s agent will work for YOU.



Having a personal real estate consultant is essential when buying a home in Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas. You need someone in your corner, someone who will work for you, who you can trust and rely on.


Melissa Spittel is that agent.


Here’s Why…..

  Having a personal buyer’s agent is essential when buying a home in Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas. A buyer’s agent in Carroll County, MD and the surrounding Maryland areas works strictly for you, and is FREE! Buyers do not pay commissions, sellers pay the commissions. A buyer’s agent can share information with you that a seller’s agent is not permitted to share. Melissa Spittel is a buyer’s agent who can work exclusively for you.  

Melissa Spittel…

  •  has the expertise needed to successfully help her clients buy homes in Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas.
  •  is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative
  •  is a certified “Pricing Strategy Advisor”. Why pay too much for a home?
  •  knows the area extremely well. Melissa is a long-time resident of Carroll County and is very familiar with the ins and outs, as well as the insider details regarding real estate in  Carroll County, MD and the surrounding areas.
  •  will do the leg work, keeping you up-to-date with new listings and conditions as they impact the market.
  •  is a full-time real estate agent… anything less and you’d be short changed.
  •  will use her connections throughout the mortgage industry to help you find the loan that best meets your needs.
  •  will guide you through the complexities of buying a house, eliminating hassles and stress.
  •  provides personal, one-on-one attention, as well as dynamic web, e-mail and social media resources.
  •  believes in the Golden Rule: Melissa treats others as she wants to be treated.
  •  is a “Seniors Real Estate Specialist”. Gain the help and expertise of a REALTOR® who is specialized in meeting the needs of home buyers aged 50 and over.


Avoid the top 3 mistakes Maryland home buyers make: 

 1.  Not speaking with several lenders.

Just like each auto insurance company offers different coverages and rates, each lender offers different mortgage types, interest rates and fees. Loan types can include Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA. Additionally, there are a variety of grant programs available and the Maryland Mortgage Program. However, not every lender offers these programs. Homebuyers who do their homework will find the best program to meet their needs. Melissa can assist you in finding the best program for your needs.

2.  “Low balling” when making an offer on a house.

This strategy rarely works and often results in disappointment. Submitting a low offer is insulting to homesellers, and many times another buyer comes along at the same time. That buyer makes a better offer and ends up buying the house. The availability of public data rarely justifies “low balling”. Melissa can help you decide upon what price to offer.


3. Not using a buyer’s agent.

Just like you wouldn’t go to court without your own attorney, buyers shouldn’t buy a house without their own dedicated buyer’s agent. Listing agents work exclusively for the seller and can offer no advice to a buyer.  Buying a house from the listing agent only benefits that agent’s pockets.  A buyer’s agent costs homebuyers nothing, ensures confidentiality, and provides expert guidance throughout the entire process. Ask Melissa for a free consultation.


Buying a home is the largest purchase of most peoples’ lives. Don’t make the same mistakes others have made!

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