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Schools in Manchester, MD

   Ebb Valley Elementary School

   Manchester Elementary School               

   North Carroll Middle School

   Manchester Valley High School

Where is Manchester, MD?

Manchester is a small incorporated town in northeastern Carroll County, MD, located just south of the Pennsylvania state line (also know as the Mason Dixon line) and north of Baltimore. The Manchester, Maryland zip code is 21102. This zip code also encompasses the area of Lineboro, MD.

Manchester was incorporated in 1834 and is the second oldest incorporated area in Carroll County (the first incorporated area was Westminster).  The town was originally formed as a part of Baltimore County, before the creation of Carroll County in 1837. It is governed by an elected mayor and an elected five-person town council. The Manchester, Maryland zip code is 21102.

Manchester is marked by cold and at times, snowy winters but humid and hot summers. This climate is ideal for growing farmed crops in the summer, leaving much of the outlying area marked with large tracts of farmland. Manchester is a rural commuting town where residents travel to work in the greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area and the greater Washington Metropolitan Area.

The Town of Manchester, officially incorporated in 1834, was originally known as “Manchester Germantown”. However, the name Germantown referred to a community west of Manchester that was later incorporated into the town.The town was originally laid out in Baltimore County and remained a part of that county until the creation of Carroll County on January 19, 1837.

Manchester is a typical “Main Street” town that continues expanding to accommodate a growing population. Manchester has its own post office and home mail delivery is available to most residents. There are no large employers inside the town limits, but there are many small businesses. Manchester is mostly residential buildings, with some restaurants, a bank and other small retail storefronts. A large portion of the businesses are located on or around Main Street.



Manchester, MD Weather

Located close to Pennsylvania, Manchester is one of the cooler locations in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Average Monthly Temperatures

January:        Low 21 Degrees to High 38 Degrees

February:      Low 22 Degrees to High 43 Degrees

March:           Low 30 Degrees to High 53 Degrees

April:               Low 39 Degrees to High 65 Degrees

May:                Low 49 Degrees to High 75 Degrees

June:               Low 58 Degrees to High 83 Degrees

July:                 Low 63 Degrees to High 87 Degrees

August:           Low 61 Degrees to High 85 Degrees

September:   Low 55 Degrees to High 78 Degrees

October:        Low 42 Degrees to High 67 Degrees

November:    Low 34 Degrees to High 54 Degrees

December:    Low 26 Degrees to High 43 Degrees

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