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Selling a House in Manchester During 2019:

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    What’s Your Home Worth?

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Buying a House in Manchester During 2019:

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Manchester, MD is a desirable place to live. As a result, homes in Manchester have become in demand. Many of the people moving to Manchester are relocating from other areas, particularly from other counties in Maryland. The great schools are a big factor for families with children. Manchester is also the 2nd safest place to live in Maryland according to (Hampstead ranks #1), which also makes the area desirable. Whether you are thinking about selling your Manchester home, or are considering buying a house in Manchester, this guide provides the information you need to help you make the best decisions for you.

Long gone are the days when a real estate agent could just put a sign in the yard, and the listing in the Multiple Listing Service, then wait for another agent to provide a buyer. Many people who buy houses in Manchester are actually relocating from other areas. And those buyers find houses online, whether it be on a website or a mobile app. 

Top 5 Things Buyers Notice when Looking at Houses Online:

Homebuyers start their house-hunting online, usually months before they are actually ready to buy a house. While looking online, they form opinions of the houses, and those opinions determine which ones they decide to see in person.  The following 5 items play a large role in which houses they ultimately choose to look at and consider buying. Therefore, it is important to incorporate the following list into your home-selling strategy…

  • Thorough online marketing
  • High quality, hi-definition photos
  • Video marketing
  • Home Staging
  • Posts on a large variety of social media platforms

Top 3 Factors for Home Buyers when Deciding Which House to Buy:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Condition of the house

Frequently Asked Questions by Homeowners:

  • What’s the difference between a Realtor® and a real estate agent? Aren’t they the same?  No, there is a difference. Anyone who possesses a Maryland real estate license is a real estate agent. A Realtor® has taken it a step further by becoming a member of the National Association of Realtors. This organization has a Realtor® Code of Ethics that must be strictly followed. This Code ensures the entire home selling process will be carried out in a 100% fair and ethical fashion. You will have the peace of mind that you will be treated fairly during the entire process, from start to finish.
  • How is the real estate market in Manchester?  Homeowners need to know whether it’s a seller’s or a buyer’s market. A seller’s market means there are more buyers than there are homes for sale. This scenario causes home prices to rise. A buyer’s market means there are more houses for sale than there are buyers. This scenario causes home prices to drop.
  • What’s my home worth? Most homeowners have attachments to their homes. Did you raise your children there? What particular memories do you have? Regardless, those great times must be taken out of the equation of selling a house. Likewise, property assessments and certain online estimates are unreliable. The best way to determine what your house is worth is by having a Realtor® prepare a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) based on similar homes that have recently sold in or near your area.
  • Is there anything I should do before listing my house for sale? Absolutely! For the best chance of getting your house sold, it’s a good idea to fix anything that is broken, pack up or discard any clutter, and remove personal effects (for example, family photos and collections). Are the walls in rough shape? A quick coat of paint in a neutral color impresses buyers. Carpets dirty? Steam cleaning improves their appearance. Speaking of appearance, cleaning from floor to ceiling is highly recommended as well.
  • Why should I ask about marketing? Aren’t all homes advertised  the same way? The answer is a big no, all homes are not advertised (marketed) in the same way. The majority of today’s home buyers are not from the Manchester area. While there are some buyers who move within our local area, may more are moving here from other others. Buyers find homes for sale online, and they find their next home through a wide variety of resources. You want your house to be found everywhere for the best chance of getting it sold quickly. You want to make sure your house is visible on thousands of different real estate websites. You want to make sure your house can be found on a wide variety of social media platforms.
  • How do I choose the best real estate agent to sell my home?

First, make sure you are hiring a Realtor®. This choice ensures you will have someone who must abide by the Realtor® Code of Ethics, and who also runs their business at the highest standards possible. Don’t settle for average! You deserve exceptional service that goes beyond the expected.

Secondly, hire someone who has e-Pro certification. This certification provides advanced training in marketing houses online.

Are you over age 50? If so, also hire someone who is a “SRES” (Senior Real Estate Specialist). This certification provides specialized training in meeting the needs of the over-50 population.  

Also choose a “Certified Real Estate Negotiator”.  After you receive an offer on your house, it’s likely you will need to negotiate the price, and perhaps other terms of the offer. An experienced Realtor® who is also a strong negotiator is crucial to working out a deal to get your house under contract and sold. A Certified Real Estate Negotiator knows how to successfully plan a strategy and negotiate for you.

Finally, choose someone who is also a  “Pricing Strategy Advisor”. Accurately pricing a house for sale is key to selling a house. An over-priced house results in few buyers coming to take a look, and no offers. These houses are subject to price reductions and frustrations. The proper price results in interested buyers, and at times, multiple offers. A “Pricing Strategy Advisor” knows who to develop a strategy and set the price that will get your home sold.

  • Can’t I just sell my house myself?  Yes, you certainly can, and many homeowners give it a try. Most, however, are unsuccessful because they become overwhelmed by the process. If you are thinking about selling your house yourself, check out for a free  step-by-step guide.

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Why Some Homes Don’t Sell in Manchester

top reasons why homes don't sell fast in Manchester, MD
  • The list price is wrong. Overvaluing a property is the #1 reason why houses don’t sell. Have you done any upgrades or replacements? Adding the amount you spent to the list price is a no-no. The costs of upgrades, replacements and maintenance items don’t necessarily mean added value. Competitive pricing sells homes.
  • The seller chose the wrong real estate agent to list the house. Listing a house to get it sold involves creativity, dedication, knowledge of the local market, and multiple forms of marketing.  An agent must be familiar with the area, know where buyers are coming from, know how to determine the right list price and most importantly, how to negotiate for you.  A poorly written description without high-quality photos means buyers won’t be attracted. Likewise, blurry pictures, pictures showing clutter, and not enough pictures of both the interior and exterior will not get the attention of buyers. Marketing should include the various forms of social media, as well as paid advertising, a dedicated property website, print materials, open houses (if desired by the seller), and other creative ideas. 
  • Sellers are home during showings. Sellers who lurk when buyers attend showings puts unwanted pressure on the buyer. These buyers generally do a quick walk-through and often feel uncomfortable. They lose any interest they may have had in the house.
  • Refusing to negotiate with a buyer. Negotiation is an expected part of the home selling process. Sellers who refuse to budge on price and/or seller concessions often have a hard time coming to an agreement with a buyer.
  • The house isn’t properly prepared prior to listing. Houses that aren’t clean, that have odors, or have signs of pets can leave a bad impression on potential buyers. Cluttered houses can also leave a bad impression. The same goes for family pictures and personal collections. Buyers just can’t imagine themselves living there, and will keep looking. Staging can help with these buyer “turn-offs”.
  • The house is in need of repairs. Unless buyers are looking for a “fixer upper”, they don’t want to buy a house that needs repairs. They want to move in and begin living. Making any needed repairs before putting a house up for sale helps to get it sold.

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Best Tips to Sell Your House in Manchester During 2019

  • Select the right Realtor® to get your home sold. Select a Realtor® as opposed to a general real estate agent. This ensures the Code of Ethics will be followed in its entirety, and you will be treated fairly and professionally. Also be sure to select a Realtor® who can effectively negotiate for YOU.  A “Certified Real Estate Negotiator” will have the skills to get you the best deal when selling your house.
  • Prepare your home before putting it up for sale. This step involves cleaning, removing clutter, and fixing anything that should be fixed. Freshly painted interiors, using neutral colors, is recommended if the walls haven’t been painted in awhile, or if color changes are in order.
  • Choose a list price based on similar homes that have recently sold. Remember, the wrong list price is the #1 reason why homes don’t sell. These homes become subject to multiple price changes (lowering the price) which results in the house sitting on the market too long and taking too long to sell. These homes also typically end up selling for less than if they had been priced correctly from the beginning.
  • Take the competition into account when setting a list price. If a similar house is for sale at a lower price, buyers will be more drawn to that house. Setting a competitive list price helps get houses sold faster!

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Ready to Get Started?

🏘 How Manchester’s Realtor® Can Help You Say “SOLD”   👍

Melissa Spittel is local, she lives in Manchester. This means she has in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods, and understands the real estate market in Manchester, MD.

Melissa Spittel is a Realtor®. This means she always follows the Code of Ethics, and her clients’ needs always come first.

Melissa Spittel is a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor. This means she can help you determine the most competitive and realistic sales price when listing your home. Relying on your tax assessment or an online estimate just isn’t accurate. A Pricing Strategy Advisor knows how to determine the market value, AND help you determine a price that will make your home competitive with other houses for sale.

Melissa Spittel is a Certified Real Estate Negotiator.  This means after you receive an offer on your house, she will use proven negotiating strategies to get you under contract and sold.

Melissa Spittel is a Senior Real Estate Specialist. This means she has the training and experience to meet the needs of the over-50 homeowners who are typically considering retiring and/or downsizing, and whose needs are different than those homeowners under age 50.

Melissa Spittel is a certified e-Pro. This means she uses extensive creative online marketing to get homes sold. Why? Because the majority of buyers find the house they end up buying online! Your house, like most houses for sale, will be found on the thousands of real estate websites showing homes for sale. Melissa will extensively market your home on a wide variety of social media platforms. Melissa will ensure your house has its own dedicated property webpage, and will also ensure your house is a “featured property”. Ask Melissa about the one unique marketing concept she uses that NO ONE else in the area is doing!

Melissa Spittel has proven experience working with home sellers.  Every house Melissa has ever listed has SOLD!

Melissa Spittel knows the Manchester real estate market! She knows the average days on market of homes for sale. She knows the sales price trends. She knows whether it’s a buyers or a sellers market, and can provide the advice to get homes sold!

Request a FREE no-obligation consultation from Melissa Spittel, the Manchester Realtor® who has the Skills & Experience to guide you through the entire process!

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What is Your Manchester House Worth? Find out NOW!

Your Home

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Manchester Market Video

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7 Steps to Buying a House in Manchester, MD During 2019

  • Choose an experienced “Accredited Buyer’s Representative” to guide through the process from start to finish. Why is this crucial? An ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative has the additional training, experience and knowledge to get you from dreaming about buying a home to successfully doing it. You deserve someone who will guide you, negotiate for you, and make it work for you!
  • Choose a “Certified Real Estate Negotiator”. Make sure the Accredited Buyer’s Agent you choose is also a Certified Real Estate Negotiator. This additional step will help you get the best deal possible when you find the house that is right for you.
  • Get pre-qualified for the right loan. There are a variety of loans, and loan programs, that provide extra monies towards buying a house.  All loans are not the same! You need the peace of mind knowing you have the right loan for YOU! An experienced Realtor® who is also an Accredited Buyer’s Representative can suggest a few lenders who can offer the loan that is right for you.
  • Search for Homes. Your Accredited Buyer’s Representative will help you locate houses that are within your price range, and also houses that might meet your needs. This is the fun part! Appointments will be scheduled to go look at houses so you can find THE ONE.
  • Making an Offer. After you find THE ONE, your Accredited Buyer’s Representative will work with you to put an offer in writing, on the house you choose. Then, your ABR will work with you to negotiate a deal. 
  • After you are under contract to buy THE ONE, your Accredited Buyer’s Representative will schedule inspections, attend them with you, and negotiate anything that might need to be repaired. All decisions are yours. However, you have the benefit of working with someone with the experience to help you accomplish your goal.
  • Your Accredited Buyer’s Representative will stay in touch with your lender to make sure everything is on track and going smoothly. As a bonus, your final walk-through (walking through the house before settlement to make sure the condition of the house hasn’t changed) will be coordinated. And finally, settlement of the property will be coordinated so you can become the new homeowner!

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Frequently Asked Questions by Home Buyers

  • Why do I need to consider different lenders? Aren’t they all the same? The answer is a big NO! All lenders are NOT the same. Most Maryland banks and credit unions only offer a few options, there are typically more options available than they provide! Speaking with multiple mortgage lenders is your best chance of finding the right loan for YOU!   
  • Are there any programs that provide down-payment assistance in Maryland? The answer is YES! For example, the FHLB grant and the Maryland Mortgage Program provide financial assistance when buying a house in Maryland. Do you have student debt? There’s a loan program for that, too!  The bottom line is, there are various programs in place to help Maryland home buyers. Your Accredited Buyer’s Representative can suggest a variety of lenders to consider so you can find the one that is best for YOU.
  • Can I start looking at houses before I’m pre-qualified by a lender? It’s okay (and encouraged) to look at houses for sale online in advance. This will help you understand what homes are selling for. However, it’s not okay to actually go look at houses in person in advance. It’s crucial to only look at houses that are in your price range, and only a pre-qualification from a lender can determine your price range. When you find the house you like, you will need a pre-qualification letter from you lender along with your purchase offer. This practice makes it super-important to have the pre-qualification process completed BEFORE looking at houses in person.
  • After I find the house I like, how much do I offer? This question depends on whether it’s a seller’s or a buyer’s market. It also depends on the house itself, and the type of loan you will be using. This is another reason why you should work with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative who is also a Pricing Strategy Advisor. Your Accredited Buyer’s Agent who is also a Certified Real Estate Negotiator will have the expertise to give the advice you need to make the best offer. 
  • How do I find an Accredited Buyer’s Representative who is also a Certified Real Estate Negotiator? Melissa Spittel, Realtor®, is both an experienced Buyer’s Accredited Representative and a Certified Real Estate Negotiator. She has achieved both of these titles through additional education and proven success from working with home buyers like yourself. She has even negotiated some deals where her buyers bought a house and got MONEY BACK! While this doesn’t happen for everyone, Melissa makes it happen in certain situations!
  • How long does it take to buy a house? After finding THE ONE, it typically takes 30-45 days to close on a house and make it your own. Occasionally, it can take a little longer than 45 days due to unforeseen circumstances and last-minute technicalities. On the average, though, plan for 45 days.

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Ready to Get Started?

🏘 How Manchester’s Realtor Can Help You Buy A House 😃

Melissa Spittel is a local and experienced Realtor®. This means you will have the advantage of working with someone who knows the ins-&-outs of the Manchester area, someone who can answer all your questions, and someone who will be with you every step of the way. It also means you are guaranteed to be treated professionally and ethically.

Melissa Spittel is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. This means you will have the benefit of someone who will be 100% committed to YOU throughout the entire process of buying a house in Manchester.

Melissa Spittel works with a variety of different lenders and understands the loan process. This means if you need find someone to give you a mortgage loan, Melissa can help point you in the right direction. There are a variety of loan programs, and they aren’t “one size fits all”. It is important to find the loan that will be best for YOU. Don’t have money for a downpayment? Melissa understands the different options available, and can suggest down-payment assistance programs, as well as how to buy a house with no money down whatsoever!

Melissa Spittel helps find you houses. This means Melissa will update you every time a new house becomes available for sale that is within your budget. In addition, she will let you know when houses are “coming soon”. This gives you the best chance of buying a house before someone else beats you to it.

Melissa Spittel is a Real Estate Negotiator. This means she will develop a strategy to help you buy a house in Manchester for the best price possible.

Request a FREE consultation from Melissa Spittel, the local Realtor® who has the Skills & Experience to guide you through the entire process!

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