How To Help Support Local Maryland Small Businesses During COVID-19

During these trying times, it’s great to see the communities coming together to support local businesses. The Maryland Print House is supporting other small business owners through their “Here For Good” campaign. The campaign is designed to support communities and keep businesses in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Maryland Print House was started with three friends who came together to build it up to what it is today. They realize the hard times falling upon all businesses right now. Another screen printer is doing something similar so they decided to hop onto the “Here for Good” campaign. If you need any t-shirts or anything in print, please let them know. They focus on online stores, which is how they got started. One of the founding members built his first screen printing press with his father. It was built from wood in their basement, and and the clothing line “Modern Wave Apparel” was begun. “Creators Label” an online store for famous YouTubers and influencers, soon followed. “Every Locker” followed next, which was designed to provide apparel to school students. At that time, all their work was being subcontracted, and thoughts turned to, “Hey, we’re spending a lot of money subcontracting out all of our work, why don’t we bring it in-house?” So, the three friends decided to come together and form Maryland Print House. Maryland Print House offers a combination of production, sales, and visionary / how they plan to move forward in the future.

“Here For Good” Campaign

Why Was This Campaign Started?

Maryland Print House realizes the hard times falling upon all businesses right now. Another screen printer is doing something similar so they decided to hop onto the “Here for Good” campaign

How It Works

The Maryland Print Shop is selling shirts for $25, which includes shipping. Shirt’s are shipped to the customer’s house, then $10 goes back to the business that is selected when the shirt is ordered. CLICK HERE to view available shirts, select from the three different designs / colors, select the size, then select which business you would like to support. Maryland Print House will issue a check back to those businesses bi-weekly so they can receive some sort of revenue stream and also promote how businesses are “Here for Good”. The goal is for local small businesses to “come back stronger than ever” after the coronavirus outbreak ceases.

How Businesses Can Sign Up

Businesses can go to submit a business” and complete a small chat form that asks a few questions in order to be added to the list. It’s updated each day. There’s no cost to join, everything is free, and orders will be printed as they are received. Each order is custom printed. Maryland Print House does not hold any inventory, so shipping can take one to two weeks depending on how busy they are.

How Long is the Promotion?

Maryland Print House will be offering the “Here For Good” promotion for the duration go COVID-19. After lives start returning to normal, the promotion will likely fade away. However, if there’s a demand, they plan to keep it going. Businesses who wish to purchase inventory to sell at their physical locations may do so as well.

When Did The Promotion Begin?

Maryland Print House first offered the “Here for Good” campaign on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Their initial goal was to have as many businesses as possible sign up. The more businesses that sign up, the larger the list to choose from when ordering a shirt. Participating businesses will also receive a link to a Google Drive folder. That link will provide ads to post onto Facebook. It provides a description of what to post on Facebook, so they have a whole marketing package to send out to their sphere.

Where is Maryland Print House Located?

Maryland Print House is located at 4175 Hanover Pike, Unit B2, Manchester Maryland 21102. They are located next to Piper’s Liquor Store. Both businesses are community-friendly and support each other. They maintain a friendship so that it’s not just all about doing business, they take the time to know and support each other.