Are you searching for an affordable condo in Hampstead, MD without lots of maintenance and upkeep? Do you hate the idea of shoveling snow? Would you like knowing you always have the same parking spot waiting for you when you get home? If so, a condo in Hampstead might be your solution. Condos sell for less than townhomes and single family homes, which makes them more desirable and affordable. They also offer the convenience of low-maintenance and easy living.

Condos in Hampstead MD are part of condo associations and require payment of a monthly condo fee. This fee varies from one neighborhood to another. The condo fee covers things such as general building maintenance, insurance on the building itself, water and sewer charges, grounds maintenance, and snow removal. Some condo communities also offer playground equipment, picnic areas and pet-friendly common areas, which are also included in the monthly condo fee. The condo associations are responsible for everything outside the walls of each individual condo, and the individual condo owners are responsible for everything within their own condos, including homeowner’s insurance.

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